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e-Cert File Card

e-Cert File Card is a contact Smart Card which is a storage medium for Hongkong Post e-Cert. Its advantages over the floppy disk include greater durability, longer life-span, smaller size and faster access time. For more information, you may refer to the comparison table with the features of both e-Cert File Card and floppy disk.

How to use your e-Cert on the e-Cert File Card?

Please get ready the following items before you start loading your e-Cert from the e-Cert File Card to your computer. To start with, you are required to copy your e-Cert from the e-Cert File Card to a storage device (such as hard disk, USB storage device, or other storage media).

  1. Smart Card Reader installed with appropriate driver
  2. e-Cert File Card and its corresponding PIN Envelope
  3. e-Cert File Card Utility Program installed
  4. Export e-Cert from e-Cert File Card

User Guide


a) Exporting e-Cert from e-Cert File Card
b) Changing password for your e-Cert (for e-Cert File Card user only)

e-Cert File Card Utility Program
2. e-Cert user guides for Internet Explorer user HTML
3. e-Cert user guides for Firefox user HTML
4. Loading e-Cert (Personal) to your Smart ID Card HTML / PDF

In case of enquiries, please refer to FAQ or contact our service hotline at 2921 6633.

NOTE: All download documents can be read with Acrobat Reader.

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