Hongkong Post e-Cert
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  1. In Outlook Express, click the tab "Edit". From the dropdown menu, select "Find" and then "People".
  2. In the 'Look in' box select 'Hongkong Post e-Cert Directory' (the directory service entry that you created).

  3. With the 'People' tab selected, you may enter the name of the person/organization that you are searching for. Alternatively, the e-mail address of the person can be entered for the search.

    The Advanced tab allows you to specify different search criteria in various fashions. Please click the 'Add' button to add search criteria one by one.

  4. Once the search criteria are supplied and the 'Find Now' button is clicked, the system searches the Hongkong Post e-Cert CA Directory Server and returns all matching entries.
  5. By selecting the required entry and clicking the 'Properties' button the details can be viewed.

  6. Click 'Add to Address Book' to download the e-Cert.

  7. Click OK.

Should you have any question on installing and using e-Cert, please contact us at 2921 6633.