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This section guides you how to use your keys and certificate to send secure e-mail using Outlook Express of Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.01 or above.
The following screen layouts may differ from those that you see, depending on the version of the Internet Explorer browser that you are running on your computer. The flow diagram below shows the main steps.

If you have already imported a certificate to the Internet Explorer browser, you should go to step 3 in the diagram above, otherwise the certificate has to be imported into the Internet Explorer. Please refer to Importing and Viewing your e-Cert (PDF Format).

i) Verifying your certificate

To verify your certificate follow the steps mentioned under Importing and Viewing your e-Cert (PDF Format).

ii) Sending a secure e-mail

  1. Invoke Outlook Express to start the mail program.

  2. Click the New Mail button on the tool bar.

  3. Type in recipient e-mail address (To:), subject and message content.
    You may choose to Sign and Encrypt your mail.
  4. Click the Sign and/or Encrypt button on the tool bar, like the screen shown below (see note that follows)

  5. Click the Send button on the tool bar to send the secure mail.


    If you want to send an encrypted message, you need to have the public key of the receiver to complete the encryption process. The public key can be obtained either from the receiver's CA public directory or received through a previous signed message from the receiver. The public key of other people can be stored in your PC for future use.

Should you have any question on installing and using e-Cert, please contact us at 2921 6633.

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