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Date: 16th January 2001

Hongkong Post Moves Forward With New Initiatives On e-Cert Service In Support of The Electronic Service Delivery Scheme

Mr. P. C. LUK, the Postmaster General today (16 January 2001) announced Hongkong Post's new initiatives on e-Cert service in support of the formal launch of the Electronic Service Delivery (ESD) Scheme on 19 January 2001.

Issue of 2,000 Additional Free Smart Cards

Through an earlier promotion programme conducted from 28 December 2000 to 3 January 2001 for the free issue of 1,000 smart cards, Hongkong Post received a total of 2,288 applications for the smart cards. Because of the enthusiastic response, all 2,288 applicants have been notified that they will be offered a free smart card embedded with their e-Cert.  

With the support of Information Technology and Broadcasting Bureau, Hongkong Post will issue an additional 2,000 free smart cards to Hongkong Post e-Cert subscribers. The smart cards to be embedded with Hongkong Post e-Cert can be used at the ESD Information Kiosks which will be located throughout Hong Kong to facilitate the public to get access to government services on-line. These smart cards will enable the card holders to conduct secure Internet transactions at the ESD Information Kiosks for government services which require the use of e-Cert for authentication and digital signing.  

The smart card depicts Hong Kong skyline with a cyber look. Persons at the age of 11 and above holding a Hong Kong Identity Card can register on-line at the Hongkong Post web site (www.hongkongpost.gov.hk) starting from today until 29 January 2001. Each person can only submit one application. Those who have successfully applied for a free smart card earlier are disqualified for registration this time. In case of over-subscription, computer balloting will be arranged.  

While the smart card is free of charge, successful applicant who is not an existing e-Cert holder is required to submit an application for a Hongkong Post e-Cert (Personal) in person at any post office and pay the prescribed subscription fee. The subscription fee of each Hongkong Post e-Cert (Personal) is HK$50.

Establishment of Special Sales Teams to Promote e-Cert

To promote the wider use of e-Cert to the business sector, Hongkong Post has established special sales teams for calling at both large business organizations and SMEs to explain the ESD Scheme and the use of e-Cert in e-commerce applications. The special sales teams will also conduct on-site registration of e-Cert subscriptions.

Implementation of On-line e-Cert Application Service

With the formal launch of the ESD Scheme on 19 January 2001, e-Cert subscribers will be provided with a more convenient way to apply for Hongkong Post e-Cert by submitting applications on-line through the Hongkong Post web site (www.hongkongpost.gov.hk). After completing an electronic application form, e-Cert subscribers can choose to submit their documentary proof and conduct the face-to-face authentication at any post office convenient to them, or to request for an on-site registration service by paying an additional fee of $150 for a Hongkong Post staff to collect the documentary proof and conduct the face-to-face authentication at door.

Reduction of Hongkong Post e-Cert (Personal) Renewal Fee

To promote the wider use of personal e-Cert in ESD Scheme and other e-commerce applications by Hong Kong citizens, the annual renewal fee of Hongkong Post e-Cert (Personal) is reduced from $150 to $50 with immediate effect. The reduction in renewal fee of personal e-Cert will help facilitate the public to use e-Cert to enable safe and secure electronic transactions.

Organisation of information security awareness seminars for secondary schools students

In addition, Ms Joyce Tam, Principal Assistant Secretary for Information Technology and Broadcasting, also revealed that the Information Technology and Broadcasting Bureau is co-operating with the Consumer Council, Education Department and Information Technology Services Department to organise seminars on information security awareness for secondary school students from mid January. Under the programme, seminars will be organised for over 60 secondary schools within the current academic year. The objective is to, through live demonstrations and simulate exercises, explain to the young generation the importance of information security, the technology of public key infrastructure, the use of digital certificates and the services provided under the Electronic Service Delivery Scheme.  

For further enquiries, please call the Hongkong Post CA Service Hotline at 2921 6633.

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