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Date: 16 March 2001

Hongkong Post and Korea Information Certificate Authority
Signed Memorandum of Understanding to Establish a Framework of
Cross-Border Cooperation

Hongkong Post today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Korea Information Certificate Authority to provide a framework of co-operation for exploring the establishment of a reliable and seamless cross-border certification system. This MOU signifies Hongkong Post's initiative in promoting cross-border cooperation with reputable public Certification Authorities in the world.

Mr. Allan Chiang, the acting Postmaster General, said, "We are delighted to have signed the MOU with Korea Information Certificate Authority. We have signed similar MOUs with ID.Safe of Singapore, DigiCert of Malaysia and ViaCode of United Kingdom. This kind of cross-border co-operation to develop a widely recognised Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system will enhance our position as a leading Internet hub and help promote e-commerce in the region."

Mr. Chiang added, "Hongkong Post will continue to explore opportunities to enlist more appropriate partners to promote cross-border co-operation for the benefit of digital certificate users around the world."

According to the MOU, the parties will explore the possibility of establishing a common set of certification policies and practices as well as promoting an open and seamless infrastructure so as to ensure interoperability between the certification authorities. In addition, they will explore joint procurement and development of open PKI based applications to facilitate secure cross-border transactions over the Internet.

Since January 2000, Hongkong Post has been acting as the first and the only public recognised CA in Hong Kong, maintaining a digital certificate repository to allow the public to verify the validity of the digital certificates issued by Hongkong Post. The digital certificate issued by Hongkong Post, officially known as the e-Cert, allows people to authenticate the identity of the digital certificate holders on the Internet. The CA services provide a secure and trusted e-commerce environment.

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