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Date: 27 April 2004

Hongkong Post Root Certificates included in Microsoft Root Certificate Program

Hongkong Post's root certificates (the "Hongkong Post Root CA" and the "Hongkong Post Root CA 1") have been included in the Microsoft Root Certificate Program and Windows now trust e-Certs issued by Hongkong Post under the 2 root certificates. When a Windows XP or 2003 installation attempts to validate an e-Cert (e.g. the e-Cert (Server) on a web site), it will automatically check if the Hongkong Post root is present or not. If not, Windows will download the root certificate and install it into the browser for current and future validation of e-Certs. The Windows Update package containing Hongkong Post root certificates for down-level clients (i.e. platforms before Windows XP) is also available for download by users.

Please click here for the Microsoft Root Certificate Program.

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