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Date: 1 August 2004

Hongkong Post Announces Appointment of Miss Ada Choi and Mr Joe Ma as e-Cert Ambassadors to Promote Usage of Smart ID e-Cert for Secure Online Services

Hongkong Post today (1 August 2004) announces the appointment of two renowned celebrities, Miss Ada Choi and Mr. Joe Ma, as the new e-Cert Ambassadors to promote the convenient usage of one-year-free e-Cert on Smart ID Card for secure online transactions.

Acting Postmaster General Mrs. Joanna Choi and the new e-Cert ambassadors, Miss Ada Choi and Mr. Joe Ma, shared with the public the security features and advantages of using e-Cert, as well as its applications to online daily life activities.

"With over 420,000 e-Cert embedded Smart ID Card holders who can enjoy secure online services, the development of e-businesses and e-government in Hong Kong is promising," said Mrs. Choi. "Hong Kong citizens can now use their Smart ID e-Cert for secure online daily life activities such as e-banking, online stock trading, e-government, online travelling services, e-shopping, e-auction, etc."

Fake websites, online frauds and crimes relating to stolen passwords have caused widespread concern from the public on the security of online transactions. Hongkong Post e-Cert is an effective solution to allay consumers' concerns by giving them stronger protection during the login process of online services.

The requirement of using two factors, both e-Cert and password, for online identity verification provides double protection to users. Even if a hacker has stolen the password from the e-Cert holder, he would not be able to log in without the actual possession of e-Cert which greatly enhances the security of online transactions.

"Hongkong Post e-Cert also gives users a peace of mind when transmitting confidential or personal data over the Internet. It serves to generate digital signature to the agreed terms of online transactions, like purchase orders and payment details, so that any data transmitted can be protected from unauthorised access or alteration", continued Mrs. Choi.

For further details about Hongkong Post one-year-free e-Cert on Smart ID card, please visit our website at https://www.hongkongpost.gov.hk.

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