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Hongkong Post g-Cert (Functional Unit)

Hongkong Post g-Cert (Functional Unit) certificate may be issued to Centrally Managed Messaging Platform under the administration of support of OGCIO ("CMMP") functional units under Bureaux/Departments/Offices of the Government of Hong Kong SAR; and identifies a CMMP functional unit of a Subscriber Organisation whom that Subscriber Organisation has duly authorised the use of Private Key of that g-Cert (Functional Unit) issued to that Functional Unit. Offer of g-Cert (Functional Unit) certificates requires prior arrangement between Hongkong Post Certification Authority and the Subscriber Organisation.

Currently, g-Cert (Functional Unit) certificates are offered to the Subscriber Organisation(s) as listed Appendix E of Certification Practice Statement (CPS) for g-Cert

The corresponding Registration Authority of the Subscriber Organisation will provide services to the Subscriber Organisation in accepting g-Cert applications and revocation requests from the Subscriber Organisation.

A g-Cert (Functional Unit) certificate contains the following information of the Subscriber Organisation :

  • CMMP User’s name
  • CMMP User’s email address
  • Subscriber Organisation’s name
  • Subscriber Reference Number (SRN) generated by the Hongkong Post CA system

Hongkong Post g-Cert (Functional Unit) certificate may be issued with a validity period of 1 to 3 years at the cost as follows :

  Certificate with 1-year validity period Certificate with 2-year validity period Certificate with 3-year validity period
New or renewal application HK$20 per certificate HK$40 per certificate HK$60 per certificate

g-Cert (Functional Unit) is issued only with 2048-bit RSA key length.

Reliance Limit of Hongkong Post g-Cert (Functional Unit)

The "Reliance Limit" as defined under the Electronic Transactions Ordinance in respect of one g-Cert (Functional Unit) certificate is HK$200,000.

Certification Practice Statement

To know more about our practices in issuing the g-Cert (Functional Unit), please refer to the Certification Practice Statement (CPS) for g-Cert

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